The Beer Factory

Place Lux is my idea of a living hell, so I only go there when coerced by friends who I can only assume find the location convenient – surely people don’t go there for any other reason?

Actually, I did once meet someone who liked going there, but I think his reasoning was that it was a good pick up spot. Considering he spent the evening trying to hide from someone he’d slept with a few weeks before, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s correct, but perhaps that isn’t such a good thing.

Last week a friend was in town for work, and since the location was convenient for her, I tagged along to meet her. Aside from the practical location, she was part of a big group, and the theory was that the Beer Factory was quite big, and we could sit there easily.

Yay! The Beer Factory! Last time I went there I had one of the ten worst meals of my life, and then nearly got run over on the way home (not their fault to be fair). This time I decided to eat beforehand.

One waiter sat us down in the sofa section upstairs, then another came along and told us we couldn’t eat there (despite all of us having eaten on the sofa at separate times in the past), and that he would have to make us up a table. After trying out several increasingly bizarre table formations, he settled on seating us in a straight line. We sat, he gave us placemats and cutlery, then we perused the menu. I confirmed my earlier decision not to eat, which led to much disgust from the waiter when he returned – ‘all that work for nothing, laying the table’. Fair point, admittedly, but isn’t the customer always right?

Further drama ensued when my friend asked if it would be possible to open a window, and, after deliberation, several waiters came to (sarcastically) tell them that ‘of course you can open the window – just open it’. I’m sure that they would have liked it less if we’d just opened the window without asking.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals, which was good, and my glasses of wine were delicious, however, would it be too much to ask to go somewhere and actually receive pleasant service? It’s not that hard to be polite – seriously, I’m English, I should know. Smile, don’t make sarcastic comments, it’s NOT DIFFICULT!

Oh, just to be clear, it’s not actually a beer factory as some of the trip advisor reviews seem to suggest.

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One thought on “The Beer Factory

  1. Heh – good luck finding good customer service in Brussels. I’ve encountered all sorts of people there, mostly with the same attitude but sometimes you stumble upon some place that is civil and normal that makes you weep tears of joy.

    One such place – La Papaye Verte, a Thai restaurant on Rue Antoine Dansaert. Decor is “ok”, food is exquisite and the service is always pleasant and with a smile. I used to go there so often that the owner used to greet me personally, shake my hand and chat a little.

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